5 ways to convert Face-to-Face Training to Virtual Training

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February 16, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

TPC Leadership is a leadership development, coaching, and consulting company that works with organizations and individuals to create leadership capability that makes a lasting impact. 

Due to the pandemic, TPC Leadership has moved their face to face delivery online. One of the challenges they have encountered is that because people are joining the programs online, they often have many distractions during the day, preventing them from being fully present in the training.  

TPC Leadership redesigned their face to face programs to reduce the number of hours clients are sitting in front of the computer, and make it virtually as engaging and interactive as in classroom. They also added more breaks through the day to help keep participants fully engaged.  

Although TPC Leadership reduced the number of hours of their online delivery, they still had to ensure that the content of the program is fully covered. This has been achieved by developing additional pre and post work to support learning outside of the facilitator delivered sessions.

To keep clients fully engaged, they needed to be innovative with virtual energizers and activities while still ensuring they are relevant to the topic. TPC Leadership has been delivering various client programs virtually for a number of years, however, all of their leadership and coaching academy programs have always been delivered face to face. They have faced some skepticism from clients concerned that virtual delivery would not be as effective as face to face. This challenge has been to change their perception and demonstrate that their learning experience will be just as good online as it would face to face.

How TPC Leadership Used myQuest to Build a Blended Learning Strategy

Before the pandemic, TPC Leadership was using another LMS, however it was not providing the structure they needed. myQuest has helped them convert the face to face journey to a more blended approach to include virtual. myQuest has provided a very clear structured step by step learning journey including pre-work and post-work. 

TPC Leadership is now able to track the progress of participants and offer support where needed. Participants have access to an online community, and the lead facilitators are able to communicate with the community (and email everyone from myQuest). 

Using TPC Leadership in house recording/videos on myQuest, has enabled TPC Leadership to give clients far more content about various topics and allowing more time when delivering live for interactive sessions, and providing a really nice ‘library’ - one place to go to, for participants.

Ensuring Continuity and a Clear Learning Journey

TPC Leadership has used myQuest for client programs and for their leadership and coaching academy programs. The learning journey is one platform - materials, videos, and forms are all easily accessible to participants. 

myQuest has helped TPC Leadership create ‘nudges’ in their learning programs to help learners form new habits. 

The Quests ensure continuity in content to all of their offices, and a very clear learning journey and professional look, feel, and experience. 

TPC Leadership has received very positive feedback on myQuest from their clients:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the TPC Coach Practitioner Programme, delivered virtually with very skillful facilitation provided by Ruth Sangale and a number of other TPC trainers. The course was very hands-on, practical and evidence based, with a diverse group of participants. It offered me a life changing experience by challenging me to step out of my comfort zone to grow, learn and develop as a manager, leader and human being. The course provided me with concrete skills and knowledge how to integrate coaching into my day to day work while at the same time preparing me for a possible career change as a full time coach. Thank you Ruth and TPC team!”  
"I was worried that the coaching course I had booked on would be cancelled. I was surprised that TPC Leadership organized to use virtual learning to continue the course. I am so pleased that they did - the virtual learning platform used was reliable and effective, the TPC Leadership team developed slides, break out rooms and whiteboard activity that made the learning very effective. We had planned coffee breaks and lunch. Even our end of day reflective time was planned with music. Our break out room was arranged such that you had an opportunity to work with all the delegates and the style was very personal. At the end of each day, I felt I had learnt a lot and was enthused for the next day. I loved how each day we learnt a new model of coaching that we could practice. I enjoyed the style of teaching and the pace at which it was delivered. I would highly recommend the TPC Leadership Coach Practitioner Virtual course."

If you are interested in developing your leadership or coaching skills, please get in touch with TPC Leadership. https://coachingandleadershipacademy.com.

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