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August 11, 2020
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Loylogic is a unique and innovative company that partners with businesses to create the best commerce loyalty solutions. The loyalty market is continuously growing, with Loylogic at the forefront of the field. Loylogic recruits employees with novel and unparalleled ideas, causing them to pioneer the loyalty market. 

Loylogic’s mission is to make collecting and redeeming points rewarding, fun and desirable. Their goal is to keep customers coming back by providing companies with top-notch ideas for their points commerce loyalty solutions. They want to better the current market- and they succeed. Their award-winning commerce loyalty solutions have allowed them to work with major businesses, including PayPal and Amazon, while trailblazing the relatively new field of loyalty solutions.

Monika Wodzynski, Head of People Experience, was kind enough to sit down with us and describe the positive effect myQuest has had on Loylogic. Predominantly, myQuest provides Loylogic's employees with a sense of belonging and an organized platform for employees to learn, train, and find information easily. 

The Challenge

As Monika Wodzynski said, “At Loylogic we want everyone to be at the same heart and brain level”. Combining passion and intelligence will allow the company to flourish like it never has before. Loylogic recognized that in order for this to happen, they needed to partner with myQuest. 

Loylogic employees felt as though they did not have a sense of belonging in the workplace - a disconnect at the “heart level.” Lack of community and cohesiveness decreases motivation and morale which is neither healthy for the employees nor beneficial for Loylogic. 

Loylogic also felt as though they were not receiving information equally or efficiently - a disconnect at the “brain level.” Loylogic needed an organized platform that efficiently disseminated information equally among employees and created a structured, yet inviting, learning environment. 

The Solutions

Creating a cohesive community 

Loylogic decided to use a new initiative to promote collaboration and provide their employees with a way to freely and easily share with one another. This is where myQuest comes in. 

myQuest gives employees a platform to communicate, both professionally and casually, with their coworkers. This is especially crucial since the pandemic has caused the 130 person company to work separately, from home. 

In order to feel connected to coworkers, it is important to engage in personal discussions, just like employees would on the way to lunch or in the break room. This feels unnatural over Zoom calls or email. However, the myQuest platform overcomes this difficulty because employees can not only discuss trainings but can also connect through casual, personal discussions. 

The tools and activities that are part of myQuest’s program creates a friendly and pleasant work environment, making the bond between coworkers stronger. A genuine relationship between coworkers creates a comfortable and trusting environment which will therefore boost productivity.  

Controlling your own learning process 

myQuest allows employees to post content, notes, comments, videos and more for their coworkers to access and utilize. This allows every individual to control their own learning process while simultaneously being up to speed with others in the company, ensuring that there is no disconnect between employees or their understanding of their role or projects. 

Moreover, all trainings are already established within the platform. Loylogic is able to use myQuest for both general, operational trainings, like where to log holidays, and more department, role specific trainings. This way, when new employees come on board, they are able to complete their training and smoothly integrate into the company. This also saves time for existing employees because they do not have to devote their days to training new employees every time there is a hire. Instead, new employees are able to independently complete their training over the course of about two weeks, allowing new employees the opportunity to learn and train when it is optimal for them. 

The Results 

myQuest provided Loylogic employees with a sense of belonging, which consequently boosted enthusiasm and drive within the office. Additionally, employees can now learn, train, and find information on their own time; this allows them to focus on their job exclusively, and not worry about the distractions that used to come with training or getting information through synchronous learning channels. 

Loylogic’s employees are now more productive and motivated because they do not face as many frustrations or worries in the workplace. myQuest has created a united and connected community of employees, which has boosted confidence and morale and therefore streamlined Loylogic’s projects. Since Loylogic’s efficiency increased, they are able to focus only on their customers, maximizing their profit, boosting performance and helping the company run more smoothly.

Loylogic noted that the trainings and posted information was easily accessible and editable for administration. Monika confirmed this was easy to do but also emphasized how if they did have questions or comments, the myQuest staff was exceptionally reachable, flexible and communicative.  

Furthermore, Loylogic desired an uncomplicated, aesthetically pleasing platform. The majority of their employees are young, so the company wanted a modern and stylish look, a look that myQuest delivered. 

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