Morning Routine Recipe to Kick The Morning Blues

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December 11, 2016
Billy Mike
from myQuest

I used to loathe mornings.


Not because I felt groggy. Not because I’d have rather slept in. But, because from the moment I awoke to the moment I went to bed again, life felt like a rollercoaster.

You know the pain:

You wake up, and then before you know it…

The Day Is Done… but Nothing’s Gotten Done!

If you’re like most people, that breaks your heart.

If you’re like most people, that puts a damper in your day. Are your thinking, “Really?! I still have so much to do!”

You know deep down that you can be productive. You have dreams you want to fulfill. You have a heart and a soul that longs for more.

It happened to me too. Too often.

Morning routines are a crucial factor in having a good day, and the secret to them is creating a regime that will kick it off in a happy, healthy setting.

If you have yet to set a daily morning routine, there is no time like the present to start!

Disorganized, Tired and Moody and It’s Not Even Noon!

Morning Routine Recipe

Are you that  person who:

Hates waking up and doing things early in the morning?

Wakes up as late as possible?

Hits the snooze button multiple times?

Skips breakfast to rush out the door?

This is the recipe to crashing and burning well before noon!

Well, there’s a solution and it’s called… routine. Morning routines set the stage for your entire day.,, and will have.

Interestingly enough, not having a decent morning routine leads to disorganization, feeling overwhelmed, and a dip in your mental and physical well-being. Staying up late may have you working harder, but working smarter is knowing that staying up too late at night is not good for you.

Facelifting Your Day

Understanding why morning routines are so important firsthand is your key to success with your business, schooling, or whatever your case may be. Creating a healthy lifestyle begins with your mornings and will have you in the right mindset for the day.

Turn a Habit into a Positive Phenomenon

A morning routine may seem like an arduous task, but flipping it into a habit is the ticket to productivity

You’ve heard this before:

You can’t just get rid of habits. You’ve got to replace them.

So that’s exactly what I did with my bad habit of checking messages first thing in the morning.

But instead of replacing this one bad habit with just one good habit, I replaced the one negative with a solid row of good.

In fact, I replaced the bad with a special chain of activities that help make sure that all the things I’d started missing about my life made their way back in.

To accomplish this seemingly impossible outcome, I first assessed what was missing and then made an if-this-then-that structure.

Healthy Morning Routine at the Helm

When I think about morning routines, I don’t always associate them with working out, eating healthy food, and being chipper.

There are many different ways morning routines work…

And you have the power to create the one that suits you the best!

Take Jennifer Aniston, for example. Her morning routine consists of a workout regimen:

“I will do some sort of workout with my trainer, whom I do a spin-yoga class together with. From there, we do spinning for about half an hour, then a 40 minute period of yoga. Afterward, I go to the gym for either strength training or the bike, elliptical, or the treadmill.”

The late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, would start his routine re-evaluating his desires and his work:

“Over the span of 33 years, each morning I look at myself in the morning and ask myself whether or not today would be a good last day on earth. Each day I declined to myself, and made the necessary changes.”

The editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, Joanna Coles, begins her routine each day by walking her dog before 8am:

“My dog will walk around the room until I get up to take her for our walk. We normally go for about half an hour, and it’s practically the only time throughout the day that I really get to myself.”

What should you do first thing in the morning?


Open Your Eyes

Healthy breakfast

First… start your day – healthy!

Start getting up a lot earlier than you normally would. Waking up early may be a challenge, especially if you have never been a morning person, but switching to this routine takes time.

Don’t listen to the voice saying “stay in bed” – get up!

Place your alarm clock further away and drink a few glasses of water before bed – great ways to ensure you rise and shine. Drink a glass or two before your morning coffee, as well.

Recipe for a Healthy Morning Routine  

1 toothbrush to brush your teeth.

1 bathroom to take a shower.

1 basket of personal hygiene.

Mix in:

1 healthy breakfast = oatmeal, yogurt, and egg white, to just name a few

Put it all together:

Living a healthy lifestyle and creating a routine that will make sure your day runs smoothly.

Stay positive and energized!

Starting the day on the right foot  will help you to tackle the day, no matter what’s ahead on your schedule. Giving yourself time to wake up and prepare is healthier than getting that extra half hour in bed.

Healthy Morning – Healthy You

Morning routines are crucial to your well-being, and creating your own that will perfectly suit you is incredibly easy.

It may be a challenge to stick with it at first, but that’s the wonder with routine – once you get it going, it becomes the best part of your day.

Let’s Get to It!

Are you ready to bring shape to your mornings?

At MyQuest, you don’t have to do it alone. Morning Matters is an amazing Quest that takes you through everything you need to gain control over your mornings.

Join Morning Matters right now and team up with Lauren, a MyQuest Mentor, who will teach you how to:

  • Replace your current morning hassles with calm and soothing states that never fade – new healthy habits!
  • Have an awesome morning toolbox of tips and tools to make your mornings go from blah to blazing!

Have fun and let us know how you enjoy your new mornings!

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