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November 7, 2018
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Engaging and Training Remote Employees

In today's global business environment, it is common to have corporations and businesses having employees in different countries. Such a vast network of employees poses some challenges, especially when it comes to employee training. Different time zones and schedules represent the first hurdle, with the sheer task of keeping your entire personnel base up to speed with the relevant information likely to prove impossible without the right infrastructure. An enormous platform needs a real-time setup that aids the conveyance of relevant and up-to-date content efficiently. This need necessitates the use of eLearning Management tools for training remote workers.

Online training platforms work hand in hand with one-on-one dialogue. There has to be a set avenue to perpetuate this type of contact, most importantly to ensure that essential direct contact. Direct contact for managing remote employee training can prove critical.

  • Consistent communication on when both you and your employee will be at a relatively central location. This simple channel ensures that meetings are easily scheduled between the two parties.
  • The second option can be to arrange for visits. Your employee can come to visit at convenient times, or you can organize and pay them a visit at their location. This approach negates the need for both parties to incur traveling costs.
  • Technological advancement has ensured that video calling can altogether make travel unnecessary, and this real-time engagement can prove priceless as well when it comes to passing critical information that needs immediate feedback. Due to its convenience, video calling has established a convenient and popular communication tool in training remote employees as well as general correspondence with the workforce.
  • In certain instances, video calls are not possible, and as such, it is necessary to make use of regular phone calls as well as other forms of electronic communication such as email. Contact by email is, for instance,at times the only option as a means of communication due to the need to send documents in soft copy.

It is critical to prepare well for scheduled meetings with employees. This proactive approach requires preparation from both parties. A detailed recap of all the main points regarding the subject matter in question.Before the meeting, preparing beforehand ensures that all necessary aspects are addressed sufficiently during the meeting. Before the actual meeting,additional clarification is sought regarding the agenda of the one-on-one session.

Following physical meetings, it is vital to share a recap of the agreements reached during the meeting, and by doing so, it becomes easy to keep track of all progress during the exchanges. An explicit mapping of resolutions and agreements greatly eases the implementation phase following meetings for training remote employees.

Managing remote employee training can be a tedious undertaking when not adequately approached. With all factors considered,electronic communication avails the best option, even with the critical need to incorporate physical, one-on-one meetings. With email and video calls, the connection is still between two parties, and with different personnel in varying countries, the trainer or employer will have to make tons of these.

With all the tips for training remote employees available online, the best remedy remains to make use of an eLearning platform. These data hubs are easy to maintain and significantly ease employee training for remote work. Phone and computer applications have made access to such information databases easy as well as fun. With such a framework in place, gamification can be implemented to reward participation and employee feedback.

For online employee training, myQuest is your perfect partner. Not only will your employees find the motivation to learn and learn better, but they will also have the necessary tools to apply the acquired knowledge.  

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