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November 30, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

The Future of Online Coaching

Coaches are often torn between whether they want to use an online coaching platform or not and are considering all the pro’s and con’s associated. One of their main worries is whether this will decrease the ‘personal touch’ of having a coach thus impacting their coaching services. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many coaches have expressed their business being negatively affected and have had to look for alternatives. Many turned to Zoom for coaching sessions, since the entire world has gone virtual. Many teams are successfully working remotely - so why not conduct coaching this way too? Could using an online coaching platform become the “future of coaching”?

Many coaches want to grow their business and move from 1-1 coaching sessions to an online coaching program. The problem is that many times coachees are isolated and it's difficult to keep the coaching personal as part of the learning process. Many coaches who want to grow their business are trying to use traditional online training platforms to deliver their coaching processes, but they are losing the personal touch and face many challenges. Here are the 3 main challenges of why learning platforms usually fail when delivering online coaching: 

  1. Coachees are isolated 
  2. Learning is passive 
  3. No feedback loop 

Now there is a new generation of coaching platforms that unlike learning platforms, combine the work of 1-1 coaching with the ability to deliver scalable online courses. This may be the future of coaching!

myQuest is an online coaching and training platform designed to address issues such as coachees being isolated, learning being passive and combating low feedback scenarios. Using the AFT Model, myQuest can achieve using an online coaching platform and ensuring there is still a personal relationship with the coach during your client’s professional development journey. The AFT Learning Model is our foundational approach and focuses on action, feedback and triggers during an online personal training experience. 

How to use myQuest’s online coaching platform whilst keeping a personal coaching approach: 

  • 1-1 Coaching - myQuest has a private coaching portal integrated into their online coaching platform. Here you can communicate, check in, comment on answers to questions and give your client feedback. Consistent engagement is really the answer.
  • Simplified Coaching Management - all your online course content, reporting, analytics and coaching notes are in one place. This provides a structured coaching program for clients and simple reporting features which are data driven for you in the backend. 
  • White Label Solution - myQuest offers a white label coaching program where all your personalized branding and colours are used on the platform. You can also create a branded landing page per course and one catalog to promote your online coaching programs on social media platforms or share directly with clients.  
  • Community Portal - we have a learning community. This is where clients can communicate and support each other. They could post positive quotes, share experiences that benefit others and learn from each other. You can also prompt engagement as the coach by sending messages or using follow-up questions. 
  • Increase Your Client Reach - you can reach and positively impact more individuals with an online coaching platform, plus increase your profits. myQuest can be used on a desktop, tablet or mobile - reach clients anywhere in real time with online learning tools. 
  • Quest Meetings Feature - use this tool to book group coaching sessions or video conferencing through the myQuest platform. Embed your Zoom or Microsoft Teams link, all meeting information or preparation required and post session recordings afterwards. 
  • Push Notifications - set up automated messages through our rule engine, decreasing your administrative tasks. This will trigger users if needed to ensure they progress and complete their online training program. You can also use this as an encouragement tool along the coaching journey. 
  • External Content Feature - you could embed a scheduling tool to easily book all your private face-to-face or virtual coaching sessions. You can also integrate with many external tools like video content, documents and surveys for example. 
  • Habits Feature - create habits along the coaching journey. This tool ensures that learning becomes a habit and change is a long term behaviour outcome. Coachees will complete these habits on a daily basis until their coaching journey is completed. 
  • Media Upload Feature - you could share coaching notes or activities privately using a document, video, audio, image or text via the 1-1 coaching portal. 

Why not give myQuest a try during a two week free trial and scale your coaching business. This could be used as an employee coaching platform or in a private client / consulting coaching environment. Our online coaches platform has many unique coaching tools that could enhance your professional coaching business and keep it personal. Give your clients the ultimate online coaching experience - all in one online coaching platform! The coach and client could benefit from this opportunity in many ways. Use the power of an online coaching platform but still keep it personal - reap the rewards of happy and productive clients and a successful coaching business!

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