Why Action-Based Learning is Crucial for Your LMS ROI

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February 24, 2023
Billy Mike
from myQuest

To get the most out of your learning management system (LMS), it is important to use an action-based learning method. Action-based learning is different from passive, content-based learning because it encourages learners to become actively involved in the learning process, apply their knowledge, and use critical thinking to solve problems. Action-based learning means that your people get to apply what they learn, and therefore, training has a real impact on your organization and bottom line. 

Here are some of the benefits action-based learning has to offer:

  1. Improved knowledge retention: When employees participating in a training program are involved in the learning activity, there is a greater chance that they will remember what they have been taught. This is due to the fact that they are actively engaging in the subject matter rather than merely listening to a lecture or reading through a textbook. Our brains are wired in a way that makes experiences and actions more memorable than passive listening and learning, so if you want employees to remember what they’re learning, use active training methods. 
  2. Higher motivation: When employees can observe the real-world implications of the material they are being taught, they tend to be more eager to persist in their studies. This is because they can recognize the value and connection of the subject matter to their professional and personal endeavors. So not only does action-based learning improve on-the-job application, it also makes employees more motivated to learn and succeed.
  3. Improved problem-solving capabilities: As learners interact with the course material and apply their knowledge to practical scenarios, they can cultivate the ability to reason and find solutions. This is a beneficial skill that is important in many areas of life and work.
  4. Better ability to transfer knowledge: If people can utilize what they know in a realistic context, they are more likely to be able to apply it to different circumstances. This is particularly beneficial in a business context, where being able to use knowledge in unfamiliar circumstances is of the utmost importance.
  5. Increased learner satisfaction: When people can comprehend the useful implications of what they are studying and are actively involved in the educational process, they are more likely to enjoy the learning experience. This can result in greater investment and involvement in the LMS platform, which can eventually lead to a higher return on investment.

To include action-based learning in your LMS, consider the following ideas:

  1. Give real-world scenarios: As an alternative to simply presenting information, offer learners real-life illustrations to highlight the practical utilization of what they are learning.
  2. Propose hands-on practices: Add practical activities or tasks to your LMS courses. This could include group discussions, creating a case study, or participating in a simulation.
  3. Foster conversations: Encourage employees to interact with each other through discussion forums or group tasks. This will enable them to reason and utilize the material in real-world situations.
  4. Offer chances for feedback: Make sure to allow learners to get feedback on their work. This will help them to recognize where they need to improve and how they can apply what they have learned.

Incorporating action-based learning into your LMS can help your employees gain valuable skills and knowledge, improve their performance, and positively impact your organization's bottom line. By offering real-world scenarios, hands-on practices, fostering conversations, and providing feedback, you can create an effective and engaging learning environment. With these tips, you can take your LMS to the next level and help your employees reach their full potential. Start implementing action-based learning today and see the difference it can make in your organization.

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