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myQuest’s Guide to Interactive, Online Coaching

How AI and Gamification will Revolutionize the Coaching World

Much of any coaching process pertains to forming and maintaining user engagement.  Coaches must encourage clients to remain focused on the lessons in order to accomplish their goals.  They must appeal to clients’ interests and prompt clients to take action and implement personal change.  Furthermore, while coaches may have the tools necessary to train those interested in their respective specialities, issues with geographical location can interfere with the coaching process.  Coaches must be able to communicate with their clients in order to track their progress and guide them through their process.

Online Coaching

In the past, coaches have used other online platforms to disseminate their knowledge and share their coaching process to a larger audience.  However, these sites offer little assistance for the coaches to create their online tutorials and lack interactive activities with the users to keep them engaged. These coaching sites would typically subject users to lengthy video lessons for them to complete on their own and fail to formulate any lasting contact with the users of the site.

myQuest offers a new coaching platform that incentivizes users to learn skills by engaging them in action-based learning. In addition, myQuest creates online communities for like-minded individuals to share their coaching experiences.  Users are held accountable for the coaching they miss via myQuest’s unique AI, and are always able to resume their training in the mobile app. Coaches are able to completely customize the content of their own branded platform and easily create a captivating coaching site for all their clients to utilize.

So, how exactly does myQuest work?

When creating a coaching process on myQuest, coaches divide their tutorials into different missions (lessons) that people complete in order to advance through training.  Each mission can be filled with various interactive learning experiences, including videos, quizzes, questionnaires, and much more. Users actively participate in their online training sessions and focus in on these enjoyable tasks.

Likewise, users earn a set amount of points on the online site when they complete different missions.  These points can be used by coaches to incentivize users to complete training in return for various prizes and awards!

What is this ‘Online Community?’

Every user gains access to a communal “My Community” page on the platform where they can share their experience with others undergoing the same coaching process.  Users can react to specific missions that were challenging, post about which tasks they liked or disliked, and communicate with their peers for support. Hearing others express similar thoughts and reactions to their own can alleviate some of the client’s individual burden and help coaches make changes in the future.

How does myQuest keeps users accountable?

myQuest’s remarkable AI notifies trainees after a set amount of missed days on the site, reminding its users about their incomplete training.  myQuest reminds the users of their assignments for the particular coaching site, and allows users to access the site through the mobile app as well, making the coaching process far more convenient.

So, whose website is this? Mine or myQuest?

100% Yours! myQuest helps coaches design their online sites, customize their lessons, and perfect their training programs through its Quest Builder feature.  However, it is your own branded site where ultimately you always have the final say. With no transaction fees and a zero revenue share with myQuest, your coaching platform is destined to prosper!

Overall, myQuest Assists You:

1. Engage Users through Interactive Learning

2. Support Users in their Online Community

3. Motivate Users to Act thanks to Convenient Reminders

4. Create a Dynamic Coaching Platform for All to See!

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