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December 14, 2016
Billy Mike
from myQuest

What Is a Quest?

A search.

A pursuit.

A journey of sorts.

Real Lif Quest

But to Where?

Each Real Life Quest is personal and takes us on a path to fulfill a specific goal.

We want a better-looking body, a healthier lifestyle, a better relationship, and so much more – and why not – we deserve it!

We must have patience and perseverance… but we can also enjoy the process.

How many times have we heard let’s turn lemons into lemonade?

Is this how you see yourself 

  • You feel static in your heads­ – our Quests can clear your mind.
  • You feel frustration with your body and body image ­– our Quests can provide positive imagery.
  • You feel stuck in the quagmire – our Quests can lead you out.
  • You feel your dreams slipping away – our Quests can bring you back to our happy place!

Life goals do not come with maps, and even with today’s technology, we have to find our own inner GPS to guide us through moments in life. This may sound scary, but with the proper tools and a clearly defined Quest, it can be done.

A mapped out Quest with a list of “call to actions” will lead us to the words we’re waiting to hear, “You’ve reached your destination.” And not only will we have arrived, we will also have empowered ourselves to keep up what we’ve accomplished.

Let’s make our dreams come true and embark on our Quest!

Why Go on a Real Life Quest?

We all have dreams.

We all have fears.

We all have goals.

We all ultimately want to be successful and happy.

A Quest takes all the dreams, fears, and goals, and wraps them up into an attainable journey.

Whether our dreams are personal, or whether we want to make a change in somebody else’s life, or, hey, even the world…. we can make them happen.

Start a Real Life Quest.

Just by starting, you will have taken the first step of turning your dreams into reality.

Roads to success

What’s Stopping You?

If all it takes is starting out, jumping in, taking the first leap, then why is it so hard?

Is the answer is fear of failing or rejection?

Is it lack of motivation or energy?

Does the goal seem too big to handle?

Each one of these obstacles can be overcome by placing a system by our sides. Once you take the first step, there is no failing, there is only success. Even if you stumble, it’s just part of the process to getting where you need to go.

Best part of all?

You’re not alone!

On your  Real Life Quest, you have an expert, a role model or a mentor right there to motivate you, to talk to you, to guide you, to push you when you’re down, to cheer you on when you’re successful.

You also have the Community, who is also embarking on the Quest and understands what you’re going through.

You’re not alone – keep repeating these words! How wonderful is that?!

Determining Your Goal

Are you happy with every aspect of your life?

What do you want to change?

What would make you a better you?

What would make you wake up with a spring in your step?

Some people see that goal very clearly and believe that if they could select only one specific thing or adopt a specific new habit, they would choose the better “me”.  

Here’s the good news…

  • There’s a simple way to do that.
  • Determine what you are seeking.
  • Choose a Quest.
  • Start, don’t wait for tomorrow!

One of the great things about Quests, is that once you reach one goal, you can set out on a new one. You have unlimited potential for improving your life and fulfilling your dreams.

The First Step

Remember, the most important step to achieving your goal is the first one. Starting your quest!

Once you do that you are on your way to success.

1st Step

Falling Is Not Failing

You can fall a million times, even superheroes do, but you only fail when you don’t get back up.

While on your Quest, you might fall, stumble here and there, it’s ok. What you need is an inner circle of supporters, a Community that will encourage you to continue your path, your Quest.

When you encounter something that doesn’t go your way or you don’t live up to your expectations of yourself, you have to just keep going. You have not failed.

Picking Yourself Up When You Fall

Often the obstacle that keeps a person from starting again after a fall is the feeling of weakness. With a great role model who you trust helping you get back up, your strength is renewed. You feel strong enough to keep going when someone is holding your hand and encouraging you to get back to the Quest.

Do not give up your dream from one fall or one thousand. Real Life Quests will help you get back up again each and every time.

Go for It!

You know what you want.

You know how to get there.

You know that you’re not alone and have a support team.

Now all that’s left…

You need to take the plunge and go for it!

The rewards are tremendous. Make your dreams come true, today! is your starting point.

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