How to Increase Course Engagement Using Experiential Learning

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June 6, 2018
Billy Mike
from myQuest

When a training delivery platform focuses on user engagement and experiential learning, the audience is likely to gain many things from knowledge retention to motivation to complete the course(s).

So, What Exactly is Experiential Learning?

  • Immerses participants in an active and shared learning environment
  • The learning approach incorporates interactive & engaging content
  • The approach integrates shared contextual exploration with reflective thought processes
Experimental Learning

So, what are key differences between Traditional Learning and Experiential Learning?

  • Experiential learning strengthens the learning process
  • Retention rates from traditional learning can be as low as 5%, experiential learning can boost these rates to as high as 90%
  • Experiential learning is proven to change behavior and engage employees, leaving a long-term  impact within organizations
  • 5x higher completion rate than online courses

With any kind of change, comes benefits? Right!

  • Opportunity for creativity
  • Experiences resonate with people
  • It’s fun and unique through creating an engaging environment
  • Establishes long term results so people will remember what they experienced

How can you incorporate experiential learning with your LMS?

Easy! myQuest can help you do this in 5 steps:

  1. Enhance your lessons with action based learning
  2. Close the feedback loop after each action
  3. Use the power of community and provide transparency among peers; myQuest’s community board allows the users to chat & ask questions to the trainer/mentor and with their peers
  4. Create surprises & rewards for accomplishments; here we can add an element of game mechanics to enhance the users experience so the user does not remain stagnant
  5. Turn actions into habits
Incorporate experiential learning

So why not make learning engaging for everyone? Instead of lessons, students at myQuest go on Missions. Instead of chapters, students move between Levels. Instead of reading and watching videos, students take actions.

And lastly, what are some proven stats for migrating over to Experiential Learning?

  • Training creation is 3X faster on the myQuest platform than mainstream LMS platforms
  • Students are 4X more likely to complete their courses
  • Students enjoy the learning process and remember what they’ve learned for a longer period of time

Deliver training that engages your users and drives your important messages home!

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