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July 1, 2018
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Many successful businesses struggle with successfully transitioning their company into the digital world. Any advantage you think your business holds in the real world will continue to diminish as the digital world continues to grow. A fundamental way to add value to your training is by taking your seminar to the web

Many myQuest clients saw similar, if not better, engagement and effective rates in their online training as in their in-person training seminars. It is so simple to replicate linear course progression online through myQuest making your seminars accessible to the millions of people on the web.

How Capstone Benefitted from Taking their Seminar to the Web

myQuest’s effect on a business is especially evident when looking at a business’s success before and after its use of myQuest. For example, when examining Capstone Leadership Solutions, it is obvious how much their business has grown in terms of leadership and engagement. They explain that before myQuest, they lacked the abilities and means to properly train people and develop habits. They struggled with giving their trainees the tools to implement the information they were passing along in the in-person training sessions. This is where myQuest comes in. myQuest allowed Capstone to use gamification learning to distribute more effective training with lasting results. They saw an increase in engagement from both business collaborators and team engagement.

Seminar to the Web

New gamification Techniques Boost Leadership Training

Gamification is effective in increasing leadership training for several reasons. Forbes states that 70 percent of Forbes Global 2000 companies have future plans of using gamification. It is the up and coming trend that enhances training in the sense that it incentivizes people through their program. It is a compelling way to hold people’s attention and create an interactive environment. This allows learners to be active trainees rather than passive learners.

Additional myQuest Resources Companies use in their Leadership Training

myQuest offers an extensive toolkit for you and your student’s leadership development

Easy to use Quest Builder:

myQuest makes it simple to build your Quests and bring your seminar to the web. They offer customized themes and the privilege of branding the app as your own. It takes less than a week to build your digital product.


Students begin to build habits that turn them into true leaders transforming their training for the better. Students are now responsible for actually taking action and holding themselves accountable for doing the work and communicating with their facilitators and peers.


Students can stay updated and talk to their mentors through push notifications. It keeps them informed on their progress and allows for a one-on-one training experience online.

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