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The Big Reveal: Leadership Coaching 2.0

How leadership trainers can use gamification to reinforce their coaching

Leadership coaches must engage their audience on a unique and effective training course.  They must teach their clients new techniques and skills, while preventing distractions and difficulties from disrupting their clients’ learning experiences.  By doing so, they keep their clients driven to reach their goals and hope these clients retain the information they learn. Furthermore, as new clients continue to enter these coaches’ networks, the leadership coaching process becomes a lucrative business model with remarkable potential.

Leadership coaching

myQuest assists leadership coaches with their challenge of recruiting and training these aspiring leaders.  Through NLP-based learning and habit formation tools, myQuest prompts business leaders to partake in positive work habits.   Likewise, online interactive learning experiences repress passivity and produce an enthusiastic and engaged client-base. As exemplified below, myQuest is an effective tool that coaches can employ to help their businesses prosper!

Let’s say as part of your leadership training you want your clients to make a habit of becoming approachable and conversational with their fellow employees.  Approachability is not a trait that can simply be mastered in mere seconds. Rather, it requires practice and repetitions to make this trait an instinctive habit.

So, what next? Well here’s an example of how myQuest can help.

Firstly, myQuest and a project manager will help you solidify which leadership topics and specific action based learning activities you would like to incorporate in your platform. The training course would be divided into levels (lessons) and further be separated into missions that people complete in order to advance through training.  

An example is as such:

Level 1: Becoming more Approachable

Mission 1: Using Good Body Language

Mission 2: Make Eye Contact

Mission 3: Starting Conversation

In each mission, there will be custom videos, quizzes, questionnaires, and plenty more activities for trainees to complete so that they can master these leadership qualities.  In addition, in each Mission you can add a Habit Formation task so that trainees turn actions into habits through repetitions of a given task.

For example:

Level  1: Becoming more Approachable

Mission 3: Starting Conversation

Habit of The Day: Start a 5-Minute Conversation with a New Employee!

Users of this course will repeat their habits every day in order to give trainees the necessary practice and sustained knowledge of leadership qualities until they eventually develop into great leaders themselves!

Worried about making this entire course on your own?

myQuest is here to help!  With myQuest’s Quest Builder and help from a dedicated Project Manager there is plenty of assistance by your side.  myQuest will help outline potentials levels, set new formats for different missions, and work to create the perfect training site for you!

In General, myQuest Will Help:

1. Strengthen Positive Habits for Aspiring Leaders

2. Sustain Knowledge of Leadership Qualities

3. Generate an Interactive and Engaging Site with Ease

Be ready to see positive lasting changes when creating the leaders of tomorrow!

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