Use myQuest to Deliver Training to Employees & Minimize Incidents

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May 23, 2018
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Use myQuest to deliver training to your employees and minimize incidents.

myQuest helps to create a community mindset around workplace safety by reinforcing important messaging, down to the individual level, and transforms traditional content into an interactive experience.

Let’s say that you’re looking to educate your employees on workplace safety. Workplace safety is a very robust and hot topic which covers a wide range of etiquette elements such as workplace harassment, sexual harassment and workplace violence.

So, what next? Let myQuest and a dedicated Project Manager guide you through a simulation!

We begin with exploring and solidifying what the action based learning will cover within workplace safety. This is to ensure that together we are executing a training program with the desired goals for users to achieve throughout your program.

Next, come up with different missions (lessons) to cover on each topic.

Mission 1: Sexual Harassment Prevention

Mission 2: Workplace Harassment Prevention

Mission 3: Workplace Violence Prevention

Within each mission you have the option to add as many or as few levels for your employees to complete. In order to advance to the next level, each person needs to complete the one preceding it. Throughout each level, you can add interactive tips or key takeaways for your employees to receive. New game mechanic elements are introduced to users at each level.

Here is an example quest or mission that can be implemented to promote workplace etiquette and safety:

Mission 1: Identifying Acceptable and Unacceptable Workplace Behavior

Level 1: Common Scenarios of Workplace Harassment

Level 1: Tips

*Build a culture where harassment is unlikely to take place

Level 2: Ways to Reduce Workplace Harassment

Level 2: Tips

Level 3: How to Communicate In An Uncomfortable Workplace Environment

Level 3: Tips

Speaking of game mechanics, throughout these missions, keep it engaging with pop quizzes, videos and some open ended questions for employees to think outside the box. Get a point system going or even set team goals for completing these missions by a certain date! Adding an element of providing rewards for accomplishments throughout the missions enhances the user training experience so that the user continues to advance in their learning while maintaining accountability.

Mission 1: Sexual Harassment Prevention

Level 1: Common Scenarios of Workplace Harassment

Level 1: Quiz

With missions, levels, quizzes and perhaps a point system, you can aid in creating Habit Formation: Working this into your training will promote more accountability by turning actions into habits and encouraging sustainable knowledge.

Missions 1: Workplace Harassment

Level 1: Harassment in all shapes and sizes

Habit of The Day: Either journal or share in the community forum ideas for building a safer work environment!

Oh! And another engaging element for building out your ‘Safety in the Workplace Training’ —

encourage cross-departmental communication, questions, feedback and commentary. With myQuest’s Community Building, we encourage a humanized approach to connect with your employees and really provide that transparency among peers to keep momentum within the training cycle. Having a sense of community supports accountability and transparency. And if employees aren’t in the mood for participating, that’s okay! myQuest also offers a Journal for 1:1 interaction to maintain confidentiality.

In a Nutshell, myQuest Can Be Used To:

  1. Deliver your messages in a way that will resonate with users
  2. Encourage users to  retain and maintain what they learn
  3. Enhance traditional learning methods

Look forward to the day when they’ll say, “I’ll never forget that workplace safety course we took!”

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